Welcome to the Red Cottage Salon & Spa

Enter a new experience—improve your look, relax and recharge. This is not your typical salon or destination, becausethis experience is made just for you.

Offering a variety of salon and spa services, Red Cottage embraces personal beauty and preference to provide a trulycustomized experience. We believe in bringing out your inner charm, confidence and allure.

Expect the highest standard of service from our experienced staff, some of whom are recognized as best in the business,and more importantly, most caring in client service.

Come visit our new salon, designed to capture the unique spirit of a boutique salon and spa andbring the comfort and peace of home.

Salon Reception Area
Rich, creamy conditioner that delivers maximum hydration.
Highly moisturizing conditioning cleanser stimulates, hydrates, and cleans the scalp
A lightweight conditioner that provides moisture without weighing the hair down
A sulfate-free cleanser that helps thicken the hair’s structure
A conditioner that infuses the hair with vital moisture
A sulfate-free cleansing system for vital moisture
A creamy, intense conditioning that reconstructs
Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate